Only fished the 'Gasline", but didn't need to go anywhere else. Got there about 9:20, three guys already hauling fish. Water level was about as high as I've seen in the last five years and stained. Wading wasn't advisable and you had to pick a crossing with great care, given the flow. Found a hole in the bank brush just above the temporary feeder emptying in just above the rapids. Used Rosie Reds and a silver streamer intermittently, and was getting steady hook-ups with both.  If I wasn't catching & releasing, I'd have limited out in 20 minutes or less. Had a "quick release" or two for each one I had to unhook. Nothing smaller than 12" - mostly all rainbows, average size about 13" and meaty. Outstanding fish quality and quantity.

The three guys across from us all limited out and left before 10:30. My brother's "uncle-in-law" landed a couple - most on the small side and after about a half hour drought scored a really meaty 14" rainbow on pink power bait.  It had a vivid strawberry-red stripe at least an inch thick, head-to-tail and he must have taken a 100 pictures of it before getting the one he wanted. 

My hat's off to Mike Sherman and John Sauer and the feeding crew for a job well done again. Hope you guys get out there and sample your work.

The State stocks again on Monday and then again on the 18th. I'm going to have to go back to buying the big spools of line, now that I'm starting my first full week as a retiree.